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Jokes aside, an empowered patient with a passion to recover wins most of the time.

Note: You can go directly to important links right below the following paragraphs. We encourage you to go through each one of those sites, and your healing may be a few links away. [Please, read all disclaimers in this site and the other sites linked from here].

QuickDoctors.Com [Beta] provides free tools for chronic disease management using alternative treatments that go hand in hand with main stream medical methodologies. We hope to empower the patients so that they feel they are the owner of the healing process. This is a free educational service, and comes with no guarantee, and always work-in-progress, can at best be called at its beta version. Please, consult your doctors before any changes.

While main stream medical treatments are heavily funded, and have well established protocols, most of the holistic treatments lack such protocols. They are seriously under funded not attracting always the best of the brains in the modern days. On the other hand, they are produced by collective knowledge, skills, and observations of thousand of years, and may be more effective in chronic situations. With this dilemma in mind, how do you manage a holistic treatment with so many options? How do you find the right doctors or service providers at the right time and in the right sequence? How do you find evidence based treatments? How long do you wait to see if the treatment is effective? What is the efficacy of a treatment in the long run?

QuickDoctors.Com is a platform where patients can share there experiences under strict privacy, and help one another in their journey towards healing.

Like a person with a hammer is always looking for a nail, most of these holistic providers have certain treatment they know very well, and they will try to use it in most cases. You being the patient and owner of your sickness must have the final decision how you want to try particular treatments - in what sequence, using what kind of doses. You need to have the intuition to say "No" to a therapy and move on to the next one. This is not an easy task. You need to have an understanding about the high level treatment options. QuickDoctors.Com will give you the tools and may be the confidence to accept or reject particular holistic treatments, and move towards real healing.

One can divide the holistic providers into the following loose categories. We have added the links to the providers in each category, however they are not exhaustive like the categories themselves. Before using any medication for any chronic condition, research each of the following links. Look for healing with a lot of passion, and an attitude of "never ever give up".

  1. Check side-effects of medications here at the People's Pharmacy from National Public Radio [NPR] also good or side effects of happy pills can be found here

  2. Exercise & Spiritual Treatments [Breathing and air related]
  3. Different meditations, Yoga, Jogging, breathing tecniques, adjustments by chiropractors are all included in this category. Here are some links - we do not endorse everything in the following websites.

    0a. How to do ramdev pranayama? [From AAfter Search]
    3a. Living in North East or Northern California or in any cold moist country can bring way more ache and pains than if you experience living in a warm dry place (like Texas/ Arizona). Going to Vikram or other Hot Yoga may help with the pain.

    4. Air Filtering: Cleaning long hair more often to remove pollens, using clean bed sheet/pillow covers, dusting beds etc. everyday, using hypo allergenic pillows and air filters that remove allergens can be tried before using any medications for allergies.

  4. CranioSacral Therapy [CST]
  5. They claim to work on symptoms [like depression, attention problems] that may have caused by trauma during birth or other minor head injuries.

    Visit for more information.

    Find CST practitioners

  6. Neurofeedback
  7. They claim to work on symptoms [like depression, attention problems, and other neuro-muscular challenges] that may have caused by trauma during birth or other minor head injuries. ISNR.Org contains information about Neurofeedback.

    Dr. Margaret E. Ayers's Methodology- Apparently more effective
    Find Neurofeedback Providers

  8. Treatments for Metabolic Issues & Bio-Chemical Imbalances & Food Sensitivity
  9. This group of doctors looks at the metabolic issues like mineral deficiencies, metal positioning, weak or over active glands, sensitivity to wheat, milk, soy, corn, and others. They claim to heal wide variety of symptoms starting from allergies, Autism to Cancer, and severe pains.

    [NOTE: we have no proper references for this paragraph, and talk to your doctor before using any information from this site] Too much vitamins [like B12] can also be bad for children, and effects of overdose of vitamin can go away in 2-3 years. Some doctors even propose no vitamin supplements at all for children. However, occassional intakes of minerals like Zinc [as US RDA 3-4 mg] can be good for better immune systems, and brain. Our kids are suffering from all sorts of allergies more than ever. Does usage of vitamins by pregnant mothers and very young kids have anything to do with this new allergy epidemic? Because usage of vitamins were not that common 50 years back, and some of those allergies were unheard of.

    People with darker skin migrating to US/Europe from Africa/South East Asia can have serious Vitamin D deficiency because of lack of powerful sunlight. This may cause hair loss, depression, asthma, and even colon cancer. A simple blood test can point to level of D in blood serum. Taking D supplement, eating food enriched with Vitamin D can reverse hair loss, asthma. This simple vitamin D supplement can help the health of South East Asian, and African people in Europe and USA. Most doctors know very little about vitamin D because they are not taught about it (do not expect them to help you about it.) See praises vitamin D for more info. Also, Dr. Mercola's videos on vitamain D. More alternative cancer treatments from Cancer Control Society [Warning: we have no proper references for this paragraph, and talk to your doctors before using any information from this site]

    How to prevent cancer? Again Dr. Mercola has some good ideas.

    Local honey, and any local food is good for immune system and allergies.

    ACV (APPLE CIDER VINEGAR) seems to help sinus headache to stomachache.

    Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and Chinese herbal treatments also fall in this category.

    Here are the links[be very critical before using any information, you may land up starving :-)]:

    7. Blame it on 'pasteurized' Milk??? [we don't understand, you decide]

  10. Therapeutic Optometrist [OD]
  11. Using prism glasses or vision therapy they claim to treat symptoms like attention/reading problems.

    Find Therapeutic Optometrists

  12. Natural Child Birth Facilities
  13. This may belong here as a pain management treatment.

Also, use Multiple Search engines to search for treatments or providers. One search engine is never enough.

1. Google

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